Handyscript Best for Slow Typists

For those who dont type fast, Ventris this month released the $39.95 HandyScript for Windows text input system. Rather than hunt for letters on a keypad, Ventris lets users touch-type using 11 graphic symbols representing handwriting strokes.

Ventris said it hopes users will eventually use the HandyScript input system to enter text on anything with a keypad. The company is developing the text input system for use in Palm OS and Windows CE devices and for smart phones featuring J2ME.

The text input system, which comes with a tutorial, runs on Windows 98 and higher and requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and Macromedia Flash.

Although HandyScript may be perfect for users who finger-type, its definitely not fast enough for those of us already schooled in available text entry methods. For example, it took 2 minutes for my colleague and me to exchange hellos typed in HandyScript over instant messaging.

I find composing SMS messages on my mobile phone to be infuriatingly slow, even with the T9 text entry method, so I may give HandyScript a try when its ready for mobile phones. But until then, touch-typists should stick with what they already know.<</p>

A free trial version can be downloaded at www.ventris.com.