Health Bloggers to Fill Dedicated Wiki

A new project aims to generate content for the Clinfowiki, a repository of articles on clinical informatics.

About a dozen health care bloggers have come together on one site to contribute content about a variety of health IT topics.

The new blog, called HealthNex, is sponsored by IBM. HealthNex producer and IBM spokesperson Jack Mason said the overall goal is to turn "individual blogs into a collaboration confederation."

A more tangible—and immediate goal—is to encourage experts to contribute articles to the so-called Clinfowiki, a project of The Informatics Review. The Clinfowiki is a take on the popular Wikipedia, but its dedicated to clinical informatics. Though it began in July last year, it had only about 60 articles in mid-April. By midnight on April 18, around eight people had been working on about as many articles, according to a history posted online. The Informatics Review said it hopes for "about a dozen" new entries.

Contributors selected topics including RHIOs (regional health information organizations), CPOE (computerized physician order entry), biobanking and mobile access to electronic patient records. Readers are also suggesting topics.

A similar idea, the RHIO Wiki launched earlier this year. It is sponsored by McKesson and run by the Center for Health Transformation, the eHealth Initiative and the College of Healthcare Management Executives.

The HealthNex site lists links to more than a dozen health care bloggers and health IT groups (including three links to IBM groups). It also pulls all the content together in a common search engine.


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