How to Choose a Secure and Eco-friendly Mobile Work Force Solution - Page 4

Beyond the hype: An eco-friendly security solution

IT departments would be remiss to ignore opportunities for green technology initiatives. Besides decreasing energy usage, eco-friendly technology also saves significant IT costs, lowering the TCO. Keep these five features in mind:

1. Software-based

A software-based solution presents many advantages for the environment. Implementing a software security solution prevents the need for "rip and replace" scenarios that add expensive, energy-draining hardware appliances. All remote access devices should be secured by a single solution, resulting in considerably lower management and maintenance costs while only requiring one open port in the firewall.

2. Energy and memory

A mobile security solution should have a small server footprint without any additional hardware requirements. The software should be available for existing servers with full support for virtualization and advanced data compression. With advanced data compression, organizations can lower data traffic with up to 60 percent increased throughput over wireless networks. In addition, companies can benefit from a solution that uses less battery power to prolong the operating time from each battery charge, as well as the lifetime of the battery.

3. Scalability

Regardless of an organization's current size, it's important to ensure that the field mobility platform can scale with an organization's needs whenever users are added or need access to new applications. Organizations should select a solution that provides transparency without any required software modifications. This will provide flexibility to scale as new business demands access to more applications and systems, and it will do so without sacrificing security needs.

4. Support for standard-based deployment tools

With field mobility users spread across many different locations, it is important to make sure that the VPN solution supports standardized, easy-to-use deployment tools, and that it supports MS certificate storage for efficient distribution of certificates. Some security solutions require the use of proprietary deployment tools, which will add complexity and, in most cases, raise the cost for the deployment.

5. User-friendly and seamless

Finally, it is important that the VPN is user-friendly and seamless to the user. This simplifies the deployment by eliminating time and money spent on user training and help desk calls.