HyperFeed Wants to Shake Up Financial Data Markets

HyperFeed, a provider of high-performance ticker plant technology and enterprise services, brings its 20 years of of experience as a content provider to the challenge of delivering cleansed financial data with minimal latency to its customers.

Emerging from post-dotcom meltdown, a clear trend has emerged in the stock market: program trading. One longtime market information provider, HyperFeed Inc., looks to ride this change with its updated ticker data platform and API.

Program trading is a term used to describe a type of trading in securities based on relationships between a stocks price and some other variable (or combination of variables). The trades are not triggered by fundamental data, such as an individual companys earnings, dividends, or growth prospects; or, on any overall economic reasons such as interest rate movements, currency fluctuations, or governmental or political actions.

Program trading requires reliable data delivered with as little delay as possible. The delay between the time the data are generated and the time a trader receives it is called latency. Three major factors contribute to latency: propagation delay, transmission delay and processing delay.

Enter HyperFeed, which offers products designed to speed up the delivery of clean, accurate data. Their ticker plant, which brings data in directly from exchanges, cleanses and normalizes it at the end users site, can remove quite a bit of the latency introduced by vendors such as Reuters, giving customers an edge.

Typically, traders obtain data from vendors who take the feeds from exchanges, then cleanse and normalize it, then ship it out in a ready-to-use format. This process can add a lot of latency, delaying the time between the moment a trade takes place and the time an end user is informed of the trade.

Since transaction data is primarily what feeds the programs that generate automated trades, any delay can harm the trader. The end users are charged based on the number of information requests they make to the data vendor, plus they pay fees to the exchanges for the use of the data.

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"Financial markets need technology to attain a step up," said HyperFeeds president and chief executive officer Paul Pluschkell. "If you have a technology that speeds your connection to the market and helps you execute your transactions faster than your competition, thats a huge advantage," he said.

HTPX, HyperFeeds next generation high performance ticker plant platform, contains two major components: HVAULT, an enterprise-class ticker platform, and HBOX, a client site ticker plant server. HVAULTs data switch design supports over 100,000 inbound messages per second, and interfaces with all internal modules for efficient message transfer.

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