Intel Ivy Bridge Adds Processing Power

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Intel Ivy Bridge Adds Processing Power

The Motion C5t and F5t tablets come with the Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 vPro. The increased processing power for the C5t and F5t models will enable health care organizations to run native electronic health care applications, according to Motion. Intel's Ivy Bridge chips bring more processing power, graphics capabilities and longer battery life, according to Hinkle. The battery lasts up to six hours. A three-dimensional Tri-Gate transistor architecture enables better performance and power efficiency.

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Corning Gorilla Glass and Durability in the Field

Corning Gorilla Glass built into the screen provides some protection from extreme use, such as rough stylus tapping by workers in the field. The Gorilla Glass also provides protection from gravel or dirt. In addition, View Anywhere technology provides visibility in direct sunlight.

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Surviving Sanitizers

The Motion Computing tablets have been tested with several standard disinfectants, which are used to wipe down the devices in a hospital. These tablets can't be fully submerged but can survive light external exposure to water droplets and moisture, Hinkle noted. The C5t and F5t have an Ingress Protection (IP) 54 rating against dust and splashes of water.

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New Touch-Screen Capabilities

The tablets feature capacitive two-finger touch to allow users to navigate through the interface, but the unit also features a high-resolution digitizer pen input. "You use touch to navigate and if you need to fill out a more complicated form, then you use the pen," said Hinkle. A Wacom digitizer pen comes with the unit. When users are working in an environment with gravel, dirt or sediment that could damage the pen tip, they can use an optional rugged digitizer pen.

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An integrated fingerprint reader allows workers to use their fingers as a biometric device to log in, said Hinkle. When users swipe their fingers, Softex's OmniPass software converts the fingerprint into user credentials. Motion also offers an optional smart card reader for more secure authentication.

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Wide-Viewing Angle

The wide-viewing angle of the tablet screens allows doctors and patients to view medical research or patient records together at an off angle. "The display technology we use gives you a very bright display and a wide viewing angle," said Hinkle. "It's designed to be in more of a collaborative setting—reviewing a document with a patient or consulting with a physician to view patients' data."

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Guarding Against a Drop

For first responders, retail workers or construction workers who are concerned about dropping the units onto hard surfaces, such as concrete floors, the tablets meet the MIL-STD-810G standard for durability against shock and vibration.

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Front- and Rear-Facing Cameras

The C5 and F5 Series tablets feature both front- and rear-facing cameras, which allow the units to handle remote telehealth sessions or enable a clinician to snap a photo and send it to a physician.

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Scanning Merchandise and Labels

Built-in radio-frequency ID and an optional bar-code reader enable the Motion C5 and F5 tablets to scan products in inventory or patient ID labels.

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Tracking Medication

Clinicians use the Motion tablets around a hospital to track the inventory of medication and supplies.

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