J.D. Edwards Enhances Planning Software

ERP software provider J.D. Edwards & has introduced new advanced planning software and also is releasing a new application that supports forward-looking collaborative forecasting processes.

Enterprise resource planning software provider J.D. Edwards & Co. on Monday announced new advanced planning software.

The new Advanced Planning 4.0 suite is a significant upgrade on JDEs current supply chain suite, which includes modules for network optimization, demand planning, production and distribution planning, order promising and production scheduling for discrete and process manufacturing.

As part of the rollout of AP 4.0, JDE is also releasing a new application called Demand Consensus that supports forward-looking collaborative forecasting processes. That application will be available next month.

AP 4.0 integrates JDEs supply chain planning technology with its OneWorld fulfillment software. AP 4.0 adds a host of new functionalities including the following:

  • New scenario simulation capabilities in the Strategic Network Optimization application;
  • Profitable-to-Promise and Capable-to-Promise Order Promising;
  • Real-time Microsoft Corp. Excel client; and
  • Web enhancements for production and distribution planning.

JDEs current Strategic Network Optimization module provides long-range strategic and tactical decision support for supply chain network configuration. Upgrades include a new scenario manager, multicurrency profit optimization and several new views and reports. The scenario manager allows users to simulate the impact of adjusting supply chain variables and conditions.

The Order Promising upgrade allows for multiple order entry front ends including Web storefronts. With this app, promises are made to customers based on user-defined business objectives like maximizing customer service or minimizing costs. Based on that criteria, customer service representatives are able to quote accurate delivery dates to customers, while they are placing an order. At the same time, with Order Promising integrated with OneWorlds execution system, all inventory-related transactions, including late purchase orders, scrapped material or canceled sales orders automatically impact promises.

Lastly, the Production and Distribution Planning upgrade allows customers to share supply chain planning information using Excel as an interactive reporting tool.

JDEs AP 4.0 is available now.