Kazeon, Google Team on Storage Search

The combination strives to bring new levels of search and security to enterprise content management.

Kazeon Systems is lending its storage indexing and classification capabilities to Google to help the software giant expand search deep into storage infrastructure, and shake off Web-enabled enterprise content search limitations.

This week, Kazeon announced that it will integrate its Information Server IS 1200 product with Googles enterprise search offerings.

This will allow customers running Kazeons IS 1200 box—in tandem with Googles high-end eight-node search appliance, for instance—to bridge customized searches from Web-enabled repositories across storage devices and architecture that spans file systems, archives and disk-to-disk backup environments.

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Integration and support complexities between the two companies technologies could be resolved within a few months, said Troy Toman, vice president of Product Marketing for Kazeon, based in Mountain View, Calif.

Released last October, Kazeons IS 1200 indexing tool offers visibility into unstructured information within an enterprise and is being used for litigation and disk-based backup and recovery efforts.

Toman said the first goal of Kazeon on Google is to provide customers with a federated search offering within a single search window, offering query results from a single interface.

The next phase of the integration plan will involve feeding Kazeons indexing tools into Googles search appliance for finite indexing and data protection/access control via set policies.

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"One of the challenges weve seen happen is when you turn on an indexing tool into an infrastructure, you expose documents that were secure because nobody knew how to find them," Toman said.

"One of the use cases of using Kazeon with [the] Google appliance is Kazeon has the facilities that can identify documents with sensitive information. We can filter those documents out and point Googles search engine in the right direction, so it classifies and cleans up data before it gets fed into general end-user search."

To facilitate technology integration between the two companies, Kazeon has joined the Google Enterprise Professional program.

The program, which includes ISVs, application developers and consultants, has allowed Kazeons employees to receive key training on Googles enterprise products.

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