Kindle: The Next Blogging Distribution Platform?

Amazon will format and distribute your blog through its Kindle Store, giving you a channel to deliver marketing messages, technology tips and business observations to your customers and prospects. There's a catch, of course. Amazon will charge for the blogs, and you only get a small portion of the proceeds.

The Kindle is rapidly doing for digital books what the iPod did for music - transforming the medium by making the electronic form-factor simple and efficient and the acquisition of content easier. What Amazon hopes to do next is incorporate popular blogs into the digital reader, including those of technology enthusiasts and solution providers.

Beginning this week, Amazon is accepting public blogs through its Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta program, where it will format the content for the Kindle device and distribute it to subscribers through the Kindle Store. In theory, solution providers can leverage this channel to disseminate its corporate and technology blogs to customers, prospects and anyone else interested in their messages.

Amazon says the conversion process takes 12 to 48 hours before its ready for distribution. And, with the new wireless Kindles, blog subscribers will get their updates automatically pushed to their devices.

But there's a catch. There's always a catch.

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