LABS GALLERY: Office 2010 Beta Provides New Ways to Slice and Dice Data, Build Apps

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LABS GALLERY: Office 2010 Beta Provides New Ways to Slice and Dice Data, Build Apps

by Jason Brooks

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The Office team has put its splash screens to good use in the 2010 edition of Office, adding a Cancel button for bailing out of unintentionally opened Office applications before they finish loading—nice for when you've opened the wrong (large) document.

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Application Parts

Access 2010 offers up some common components for building database-backed applications under the feature called Application Parts.

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Security Warning

I was met with a security warning message after creating a new database from an Access template.

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Backstage Security

The Backstage Area of Office's applications is a good place to put security warning information.

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Trust Center

Office packs quite a range of built-in security management settings.

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Context Aware Spell-Checking

Next Halloween, Word 2010 will be ready to help you keep straight which witch you're talking about with context-aware spell-checking.

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Context Unaware on the Web

The Web-based version of Office lacks context-aware spell-checking. See where it catches my misspelled "conditions" but misses the "meat" misuse.

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Navigation Pane

I used Word 2010's Navigation Pane to move around in my document and to re-order its sections by dragging and dropping headings.

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Create Pivot Chart

I channeled the NBA stats I'd imported into Access into an Excel PivotChart.

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Handy Forms

The application templates provided by Access included tables fronted by rich forms.

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Helpful Help

With most beta products, I'm accustomed to seeing "under construction" notices where help files should be, so I was pleasantly surprised at the state of the help system in this Office beta.

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Import Operation

After importing a CSV file into Access, the application offered to store the steps involved and set up a recurring reminder in Outlook to prompt me to run future imports.

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More PivotChart

With a few hundred players included, my chart was rather unwieldy.

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Filtered PivotChart

I used the new PivotChart Navigation buttons to filter my field of players down to the top performers.

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I used Excel's new Slicer feature to swap between viewing my top performers in win or losses only.

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