Laplink to Release Vista Migration Software

PCmover for Vista is a migration platform that transfers programs, files and settings when upgrading to the Vista OS.

When a user purchases a new PC, he or she is always faced with the challenge of having to transfer the software applications, e-mail contacts, files, photos and whatever else is on an old PC to the new one.

Laplink Software believes that they have found the answer to this challenge with its newest migration software for Vista: PCmover.

Laplink, a PC migration software developer in Bellevue, Wash., announced Dec. 12 that it will retail PCmover for Vista by January 30, 2007 and that it will be available online by Jan. 15.

PCmover is a migration platform that will be able to transfer all the programs, files and settings from an old PC to a new one.

The product allows users to complete their migration using numerous options such as Laplink USB cables as well as any local network or removable media.

Thomas Koll, chairman and CEO of Laplink Software, said in a company release that PCmover is for consumers and businesses looking for an affordable, effective and simple way to transfer the contents of their old computer.

Laplink company spokesperson, Sarah Cooke, explained to eWEEK that this migration software could benefit business users because it will allow them to save a bundle of money.

"It takes a day or more for an employee to regain productivity after a computer upgrade, which affects every companys bottom line," Cooke said.

"If the business is paying an IT professional to sit in front of each computer and migrate everything manually, that costs the business even more."

To further explain how Laplinks migration software for Vista is a money saver, Cooke said that "Gartner Research estimates that this lost productivity from performing migrations manually costs the average organization $250 per PC migration, while PCmover costs $49.95, and we offer generous volume discounts to businesses."

PCmover is currently available at major retailers for $59.95 or $49.95 for the download version.


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