Letter to the Editor: HP Says Proof Is in the Results

HP's rebuttal to eWEEK piece on customer response to the proposed HP-Compaq merger.

To the Editor,

In your March 4 article, "Users Uneasy as Vote Draws Near," your reporters declined to use the strongest fact provided by HP regarding customer response to the merger. In the two fiscal quarters since the merger was announced, HPs results exceeded analyst expectations.

This shows that customers are continuing to purchase from HP, and that our sales force and the rest of the HP team are continuing to execute in a tough environment. This reaffirms what we have been hearing from customers as we meet with them around the world, and provides stark contrast to your singular poll result.

As the co-lead of the HP-Compaq merger integration team, I know that we have an extensive, detailed plan in place covering all aspects of the customer relationship post merger close, including product roadmaps. We look forward to providing those details to our customers when we are legally able to do so.

Webb McKinney
Business Customer Organization
Hewlett-Packard Company