MatrixOne Unveils Adaptive Application Architecture

New architecture makes it easier for companies to build and configure a scalable PLM environment.

Product lifecycle management software maker MatrixOne Inc. announced Wednesday at its Global Customer Conference in Las Vegas new architecture that makes it easier for companies to build and configure a scalable PLM environment.

The eMatrix Adaptive Application Architecture supports the eMatrix Collaboration Platform and Value Chain Portfolio. The architecture helps companies create a modular, collaborative product development environment, officials said.

The schema-driven architecture provides a flexible framework for configuration and deployment of PLM software.

Specifically, the architecture includes a PLM schema that contains information, process and application objects that can be dynamically configured, extended and deployed; as functions and processes are added, changes propagate throughout the system, without disrupting operations.

A configurable user interface, defined through schema objects, trees, tables and forms, enables applications to be implemented and customized.

Built-in collaboration functionality allows teams across an enterprise to collaborate. Services include setup of ad-hoc workspaces, task routing and sign-off, threaded discussions and online meetings, instant messaging, and some best practices templates.

At the same time, users can add adapters to documents and objects in other eMatrix Value Chain applications to obtain real-time information.

Included in the eMatrix architecture are standards-based authentications such as LDAP and digital certificates, secure communications services such as HTTPS and FTOS, and need-to-know access control through the use of dynamic access control lists.

The eMatrix architecture, available now, is Java 2 Enterprise Edition compliant.

Separately, MatrixOne announced support for IBMs eServer System Platform.

The company optimized its eMatrix Collaboration Platform and Value Chain Portfolio applications to support IBM DB2 Universal Database.

The Collaboration Platform support for the IBM eServer pSeries is available now. The Value Chain Portfolio applications for IBM DB2 will be phased in between now and January.