Microsoft Acquires Four New Technologies for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft plans on integrating four "industry solutions," acquired from smaller companies, into Microsoft Dynamics AX, its enterprise resource planning software platform. Each subsequent version of Microsoft Dynamics AX has attempted to more fully integrate its wide variety of business-monitoring applications into a more cohesive package for end users.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of four "industry solutions" that will increase the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, an enterprise resource planning software platform and member of the Microsoft Dynamics family, on Sept. 22.

According to Microsoft, the acquisitions include:

  • A solution for integrating processes across discrete and process manufacturing, from Fullscope, Inc.

  • A solution that delivers a single system for managing projects, executing financial transactions and billing, and pairing resources to client assignments; from Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.

  • Two solutions that provide "an end-to-end retail solution, including store management with point-of-sale, merchandising and ERP capabilities," from LS Retail EHF and To-Increase Denmark A/S, the latter of which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbus IT Partner A/S.

"With these acquisitions we are investing in building industry functionality directly into the Microsoft Dynamics AX application," Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, said in a statement. "We are a safe haven for customers and partners who depend on us to drive continuous innovation in our products and lower the total cost of ownership."

The acquired technology will be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX, theoretically providing a more comprehensive range of applications for customers.

Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in June 2008, with the intention of providing SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses) with the ability to integrate financial and supply-chain data from decentralized offices potentially spread around the world. That edition of the software replaced AX 4.0, released in 2006.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 includes technology from Microsoft Business Intelligence, providing managers with KPIs (key performance indicators) designed to raise flags over changes in business conditions, including slower sales or backed-up inventories.

In February 2009, Microsoft launched an Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics AX, as part of the company's larger "green IT" initiatives. That software was designed to assist executives and IT administrators in monitoring energy costs, gas emissions and other contributors to their business' carbon footprint. Those users could modify the program to present them with customizable environmental information such as "Greenhouse Gas Emissions" and "Energy Consumption."