Microsoft Balks Abroad

The software maker is granted an injunction that temporarily prevents from selling products that Microsoft alleges violates its Windows trademarks.

Microsoft Corp. this week won an injunction from a Swedish court in its ongoing international trademark battle with Inc.

According to a ruling in the Stockholm City Court on Wednesday, must stop selling its products in Sweden that use the terms which Microsoft is alleging violates its Windows trademarks, pending the outcome of the infringement case. These terms include Lindows, and LindowsOS.

The cost could be steep for the San Diego, Calif.-based—it faces a penalty of 3 million Swedish Krona, or about $409,000, if it violates the injunction. sells a version of the Linux operating system for the desktop that it markets as an alternative to Windows.

Microsoft, which also has sued in the United States over trademark infringement in a case set for a trial early next year, recently took its legal fight to Europe as well.

Disputes between the two rivals extend beyond trademark issues. They also have been trading jabs over a Web site that allows California consumers to electronically file for a share of a $1.1 billion settlement in a state class action against Microsoft. Microsoft has said that the process set up violates the terms of the settlement.

/zimages/6/28571.gifMicrosoft and keep trading legal shots over claims surrounding a California class-action settlement. To read the full story, click here.