Microsoft, Canon Team Up on Vista Color Management

Alliance is intended to improve color fidelity and predictability, using Canon's Kyuanos technology.

Microsoft Corp. and Canon Inc. unveiled a strategic alliance on Tuesday that will result in a new color management system for the forthcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

The new Windows Color System is intended to provide better color predictability and fidelity throughout the operating system. This is especially important for screen-to-print matching as well as better color appearance overall on a computers display.

The proliferation of digital devices that rely on color, such as digital cameras and color printers, prompted the alliance between Microsoft and Canon, the companies noted. Pervasive use of color is no longer limited to designers but instead has become part of the mainstream, as consumers print out photos using special printers and work with color-based images with greater frequency.

The relationship between Microsoft and Canon is a natural outgrowth of how color is used in printing, photography and even with cell phones, noted Microsoft.

After forming the partnership, the two companies began working on several technologies for digital photography, including native support for Canon RAW images. Other developments focused on areas such as connectivity based on XML Web services and products that used the XML Paper Specification.

Canons contribution to the effort is with the companys Kyuanos technology, which is designed to support extended color space, greater bit depth and more effect color appearance.