Microsoft Hints of Future Programs to Stave Off Linux Overseas

Redmond is focused on finding the right price point and feature set for its products in developing countries, says its platform strategy chief.

Microsoft Corp. is working on new initiatives that it plans to launch over the next few months that will help Windows compete on a more level playing field with open source.

So said Martin Taylor, Microsofts general manager for platform strategy—and the companys main point man on Linux—during a Webcast for financial analysts, shareholders and other interested parties on Friday morning.

Taylor, who is the champion behind Microsofts "Get the Facts" anti-Linux campaign, presented Microsofts view of the competitive landscape on the desktop and server. He also answered call-in questions from analysts during his roughly hourlong presentation.

A number of questions centered on Microsofts plans to stave off the growth of Linux and open-source software in developing countries. Microsoft has lost a number of well-publicized government sales overseas to Linux and open source. And the company has experimented with offering cut-rate Windows/Office bundle to go head-to-head with Linux in Thailand.


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Analysts pressed Taylor for specifics on the companys plans, but he declined to offer details.

"We will have initiatives in the coming months on working with these governments on solutions," Taylor said. He said Microsoft wants to make sure it is offering the right products to the customers in all countries.

Taylor noted that Microsoft "is trying to spend time with these governments." He said that the company, during the past 18 months has added more people to his team in order to better partner with these governments.


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