Microsoft Hopes to Smother Flash with Sparkle

Redmond's readying a Macromedia "Flash killer" that could debut before Longhorn, according to sources.

Watch out, Macromedia. Here comes Microsoft "Sparkle."

According to press reports, Sparkle is an animation toolset that will likely emerge as part of the Longhorn wave of products/technologies. Some are describing Sparkle as a Macromedia "Flash killer."

Microsoft officials declined to comment on Sparkle. But heres what Microsoft Watch uncovered:

Microsofts graphics subsystem for Longhorn is code-named "Avalon." Avalon is designed to take the place of the USER/GDI graphics application programming interfaces (APIs) that are part of the current Win32 programming model.

Developers can write to Avalon using XAML, the Microsoft-authored eXtensible Application Markup Language. But for now, the only way to write XAML applications is to hand-code them.

Sparkle is the tool that will automate XAML application development. Said one source: Sparkle will let you create XAML and .Net applications."

Another source said that Microsoft used Sparkle to develop the clock that was part of the "Sidebar" that is part of the Longhorn Aero interface.


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