Microsoft Launches CodePlex, a New Code Repository Site

The Redmond software giant is building a community site for hosting projects that are available via Microsoft Shared Source, the GPL and a host of other licensing mechanisms.

Move over, Googleplex. Here comes Microsoft CodePlex.

CodePlex is not the name for a new wing of the ever-expanding Microsoft campus headquarters. Instead, it is Microsofts newest code-repository site, aimed especially at shared- and open-source programmers.

On May 15, Microsoft went live with the beta version of its CodePlex site. The site, which is coded in C# and is built on top of a hosted version of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server platform, includes support for wiki-based team communication, to RSS feed aggregation, to forums.

Microsofts plan is to take the CodePlex site "more formally live" in late June or early July, said Bill Hilf, director of Microsofts platform strategy.

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Sources said Microsofts current plan is to launch the final version of the site at the Open Source Business Conference in London in late June.

Hilf described CodePlex as a "community development Web site" that is an outgrowth of Microsofts shared-source effort.

"We are fostering .Net and community developers who are doing community stuff," Hilf said in an interview with Microsoft Watch. "We set out to create something using our best and latest software that would let folks use any license they want" to make their code available, including the GNU General Public License, OpenBSD and Microsofts own shared-source licenses.

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