Microsoft Looks to Broaden Tablet PC Appeal with Games

The software giant is co-developing a new Tablet game software development kit, as well as new Tablet-specific games.

Microsoft Corp. is readying a Tablet PC game software development kit and a new Tablet-PC-specific game, both meant to attract new developers and users for Tablet PCs.

The Redmond, Wash., software maker is co-developing both the SDK and the new game, called Arcs of Fire, in conjunction with software partner 3 Leaf Development. 3 Leaf officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Microsoft expects to release a first beta of both the new game and the SDK in early January, confirmed Frank Gocinski, ISV and business development manager for Microsofts mobile platforms division.

"There are a lot of casual game developers who dont build games full time," Gocinski said. "And a lot of these guys in their day jobs are enterprise customers and software developers."

Microsoft is hoping that by making the Tablet PC more of a gaming platform that it will encourage more of these kinds of customers to test-drive Tablets, according to Gocinski.

The game SDK "will focus on the intersection of Tablet Development and Game Development to provide functionality common to games that leverage the Tablets pen capabilities," said a posting on 3 Leafs Arcs of Fire Web site.

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