Microsoft Looks to Corral Storage Management With R2

Microsoft is readying a new storage-management subsystem that it plans to fold into its next Windows Server release.

Branch management isnt the only market for which Microsoft Corp. is optimizing its next release of Windows Server, code-named R2.

Microsoft also is expected to highlight storage management as one of the types of functions that R2 can be tailored to address, according to Microsoft partners who requested anonymity.


R2 is the code name for the version of Windows Server due out in the latter half of 2005.

Microsoft is not folding its Windows Storage Server technology into R2. In other words, there will be a new version of Windows Storage Server in the R2 timeframe.

Microsoft officials have said as much, and have even talked about the next Windows Storage Server release by its code name, which is "Storm." Storm is expected to debut next year and to take advantage of some of the features built into R2, such as advanced data replication, Microsoft officials have said.

But Microsoft is planning to include a storage-resource-management (SRM) component in R2. In keeping with the Longhorn theme, this SRM component is code-named "Corral," partners said.

Corral will provide R2 administrators with tools for controlling and monitoring the data stored on their servers, partners said. Corral will include three buckets of functionality: storage reports, directory quota information; and file-screening information, partners added.

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