Microsoft Loses Key Windows Architect to Google

Mark Lucovsky, a former Microsoft distinguished engineer, has quietly abandoned the Redmond ship for one of Microsoft's archrivals.

One of Microsofts key Windows architects has defected to Google. But at least so far, no one is talking about what Marc Lucovskys new role will be at one of Microsofts major rivals.

A 16-year Microsoft veteran, Lucovsky was one of a handful of "Distinguished Engineers" at Microsoft. He is credited as one of the core dozen engineers that came from Digital Equipment Corp. to Microsoft and built the Windows NT operating system. He was charged with building the Windows NT executive, kernel, Win32 run-time and other key elements of the operating system. NT was the precursor to Windows Server.

In 2000, Lucovsky was named the chief software architect for Microsofts .Net My Services (code-named "Hailstorm") effort. .Net My Services never materialized in the form that Microsoft originally envisioned—a set of personal Web services, hosted by Microsoft. Instead, the company has folded a number of the .Net My Services technologies into other Microsoft products.

Scripting.coms Dave Winer mentioned on his blog earlier this week that Lucovsky had defected to Google, with no further details.

Lucovsky "voluntarily left the company on 11/18/04," confirmed a Microsoft spokesperson. "Obviously Microsoft cant comment on whether or not he now works for Google."

Google officials did not return calls requesting comments on Lucovsky.

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