Microsoft MVPs to Get Office 12 Sneak Peek

Microsoft execs plan to share information on its next version of Office and other future products with its 'volunteer army.'

Early next month, Microsoft is set to share its vision for its next-generation Office, Windows, database and other products with hundreds of its Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).

MVPs are the independent technology buffs who are recognized experts in one or more Microsoft technologies. They complement Microsoft executives, product managers and developers in tasks ranging from answering online forum questions, to assisting Microsoft at trade shows and other events. The MVP program is eleven years old.

For the past few years, Microsoft has convened an annual MVP summit where these evangelists hear about Microsofts current and forthcoming products straight from the developers, product managers and top management.

Last years MVP global summit was held in February and was attended by nearly 700 MVPs. This year, its slated for April 4 through 7. This years MVP global summit will be the first since Microsoft decided to extend its Windows Shared Source program to cover pre-qualified MVPs.

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