Microsoft Opens Research Lab in New York City

Microsoft announced the opening of a new research lab in New York City, the company’s 13th lab worldwide--staffed by some world-class researchers, including some former Yahoo researchers.

Microsoft Research has opened a new lab in New York City, bringing the number of Microsoft research labs to 13 around the world.

As of May 3, the software giant€™s new research lab began work in a city known just as much for its vibrant educational and intellectual status as for its cultural diversities€”with institutions such as Columbia University and New York University among a host of others. Microsoft Research began two decades ago at the company€™s Redmond, Wash., headquarters and has become a global research force with 13 labs across four continents€”all devoted to advancing the state of the art in computing research and contributing cutting-edge advancements to Microsoft products.

Jennifer Chayes will now be managing director of both Microsoft Research New England, which she founded in July 2008, and Microsoft Research New York City. The new lab is based in Manhattan

€œThe addition of Microsoft Research New York City reflects the company€™s long-term investment in basic research,€ Rick Rashid, Microsoft chief research officer and head of Microsoft Research, said in a statement. €œIn concert with Microsoft€™s product groups, Microsoft Research guides and influences the company€™s pursuit of applying transformative technologies and new technology trends to its products and services.€

€œThe Microsoft Research New York City lab reflects an opportunity for Microsoft Research researchers and developers worldwide to interact deeply with the vibrant academic and tech communities in the New York metropolitan area, as well as an opportunity to attract great new talent to Microsoft," Chayes said.

Fifteen world-class researchers form the lab€™s initial team, including three founding members, each of whom is a leader in fields of vital importance to Microsoft Research and brings strong ties to the academic community of the New York metropolitan area, Microsoft said.

David Pennock, who conducts research at the intersection of computer science and economics, is past chair of the Association for Computing Machinery€™s (ACM) Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce, the academic organization dedicated to topics in that area. Pennock will serve as assistant managing director of the new lab.

Duncan Watts, a former full professor of sociology at Columbia University and a pioneer of modern network science, focuses on computational and experimental social science. He is the author of three books, including €œSix Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age€ and, most recently, €œEverything Is Obvious: Once You Know the Answer.€

John Langford, whose interests are in scalable interactive machine learning, learning reductions and other areas, is the program co-chairman for this year€™s International Conference on Machine Learning.

The three, each of whom previously worked for Yahoo Research, represent Microsoft Research€™s ongoing ability to attract the best and brightest researchers, and their particular strengths underscore the close alignment between the New York City and New England labs, the company said.