Microsoft Readies Project Bronx Office Live Services

As it is doing on the Windows Live side of the house, Microsoft is working on a set of future software services aimed expressly at cell phone and PDA users.

Microsoft is readying an addition to its Office Live services lineup that will target mobile devices.

Code-named Project Bronx, the technology could be released to beta later this month, according to a post on the Web site.

A Neowin poster described Bronx as "an effort within Mobile Information Worker group that aims to bring Microsoft Office experience to all mobile phones using SMS." The poster said that Microsoft was soliciting testers for the technology, which will be part of the companys Office Live initiative.

Office Live is the name of the family of service add-ons to Microsoft Office that the company began beta testing earlier this year. Unlike Microsofts burgeoning group of Windows Live set of services, the Office Live services so far have been aimed at PC, rather than device makers.

On the Windows Live side of the business, Microsoft has introduced some services, such as Windows Live Search Mobile, which are being designed for cell phone and PDA users.

Microsoft wouldnt say much about Project Bronx. When asked for more specifics, a company spokesperson issued the following statement: "Project Bronx is one of a number of efforts to deliver new productivity value in the 2007 Microsoft Office system. While it is related to mobile technologies and SMS, we are in the process of mapping out all the details and will have more information to share in the future."


Last fall, Microsoft testers said the company was hinting about new Office 12 technologies it was planning to introduce for mobile devices.

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