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With regard to performance, SP2 includes an Excel 2002 update that corrects images from being flipped when an Excel 97 workbook is opened in Excel 2002; and an update for PowerPoint 2002 that corrects an issue in which the appearance of printed slides appear fuzzy when printed as handouts with three or more slides per page.

The Microsoft spokeswoman said members of the Microsoft Select, MSDN and TechNet programs would receive SP-2 as part of their regularly scheduled mailings.

The software firm recommends that all Office XP users download SP-2 to benefit from these improvements, she said, cautioning that all future updates to Office XP will require this service pack to be installed.

The Redmond, Wash., company has also scheduled a Webcast for next month around deploying the service pack.

The Webcast, which is designed for experts and will be highly technical, will help users with deploying SP-2 in an enterprise-computing environment, including how to use Ohotfix.exe to chain client-side patch deployment and administrative patching.

"Because SP-2 is a new baseline for Office XP, you will also hear how this will affect the rollout of Office XP in an environment where previous versions of Office XP have been deployed.

"You will also learn how to provide additional failover resiliency for client-side patches and how to use some of the new tools that are available on the Office Resource Kit site to manage patches in your environment," says the Webcast information on the Microsoft site.

Microsoft is also working on the next version of Office, code-named Office 11. As first reported by eWEEK, this version will feature far greater use of XML and Web services for reporting, analyzing, importing and exporting information—particularly in Outlook and Excel. The first beta is expected later this year.

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