Microsoft to Accelerate Solution Accelerator Rollouts

Redmond says it will double the number of available collections of blueprints and methodologies for its Office System technologies in its next fiscal year.

Microsoft Corp.s information worker team is stepping up its plans to roll out blueprints and methodologies designed to help sell more Office System products.

Microsoft officially launched the first of these collections of blueprints, templates and product guidance—"Office Solution Accelerators" in Microsoft parlance—last fall. At the time of its initial launch, Microsoft outlined nine Solution Accelerators that it planned to offer through its reseller partners and directly to its Software Assurance licensing customers.

In the ensuing months, Microsoft has launched a number of these, ranging from its Six Sigma accelerator, to its Proposals accelerator.

And by June 30, the company is promising it will release four more: its Six Sigma II, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Business Scorecard and Excel online-analytical-processing reporting accelerator.

Microsoft is committing to double the number of new Office Solution Accelerators that it rolls out in its fiscal 2005, which begins on July 1, according to Anders Brown, group product manager with information worker new markets. He declined to offer details on what kinds of accelerators Microsoft is building next.


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