Microsoft VP Champions a New System of Measurement

Information worker boss Jeff Raikes is pushing for economists to stop focusing on 'outputs,' and, instead, examine 'outcomes.'

Microsoft Corp. Group Vice President Jeff Raikes says its high time to move beyond the industry debate over whether IT offers companies competitive advantage. Instead, he says, its time to question how companies measure the impact of IT.

Raikes, along with executives from Microsoft, Accenture, Cisco Systems Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Intel Corp., Xerox and myriad academic, government and private-industry representatives, has been working for more than a year to establish a set of common metrics for measuring business productivity. On Monday, about 200 IWPC backers met in New York as part of the first Information Work Productivity Council (IWPC) assembly, called the Information Work Forum.


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Raikes, who oversees business and productivity services for Microsoft, as well as serving as IWPC chairman, kicked off the daylong meeting by talking about what it would take to "reinvent productivity."

"Economics needs to find a better way to reflect the new models of the industrial age," Raikes told conference attendees. "Instead of focusing on outputs, we need to focus on outcomes."


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