Microsoft Watch Code Name Tracker 4.8 and Year-Ahead Planner 4.8

Microsoft Watch Code Name Tracker 4.8 and Year-Ahead Planner 4.8 Highlights From Code Name Tracker 4.8 and Year-Ahead Calendar 4.8 Chats and Web Casts to Watch In This IssueMicrosoft Watch Code Name Tracker 4.8 and Year-Ahead Planner 4.8


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Microsoft Watch Code Name Tracker 4.8 and

Year-Ahead Planner 4.8

Here are our monthly installments of our updated list of Microsoft projects and their code names, plus our rolling calendar, which tracks the coming year's key Microsoft-related events.

In terms of the Code Name Tracker, we are now organizing our charts around five business units, as Microsoft is planning to continue to report separately the revenues/losses for each of these divisions.

Until recently, Microsoft organized itself into seven profit and loss centers: Server and Tools, Client, Information Worker, Business Solutions, MSN Personal Services and Business, Mobile and Embedded Devices, Home and Entertainment. In mid-July, Microsoft announced that it was folded its Business Solutions unit into Information Worker and its Mobile and Embedded unit into the Home and Entertainment division. Microsoft also moved its Exchange business from Server and Tools, to Information Worker, as part of these changes. We are following Microsoft's lead on these shifts, as reflected in our tracker. (We also are continuing to follow two additional categories: Disappearing code names and important Microsoft Research project code names.)

At the management level, company officials reorganized Microsoft in late September 2005 into three divisions: Platform Products & Services; Microsoft Business; and Entertainment and Devices. Microsoft officials said the company's decision to report results along the five aforementioned units reflects its current three-division structure. (Yeah, we don't follow that one, either.)

All dates in our charts reflect calendar years, not Microsoft fiscal years. Changes made since the last version of the Code Name Tracker are in bold-faced type. We detail new entries and changes to existing ones in the body of the charts.

The calendar, which we update monthly, lists major shows, product launches and other dates of interest to Microsoft Watchers. We include some third-party-sponsored shows, trainings, and other events we think of interest. We also may choose to include data points regarding Microsoft's major competitors, which may have some bearing on Microsoft.

Our intent is not to be all-inclusive; it is simply to provide you with planning tools – ones that we use ourselves -- to keep tabs on the sleepless software giant.

Your trusty Microsoft Watcher takes personal responsibility for any gross oversights or omissions, and welcomes suggestions for future entries from you loyal readers.
As always, questions, comments and tips are welcome, and confidentiality is guaranteed. Please use the form at here or e-mail us at


Mary Jo Foley, Editor
Highlights From Code Name Tracker 4.8 and Year-Ahead Calendar


  • We've added a bevy of new conferences to this month's Year-Ahead Calendar. There are a bunch of new fall entries, including VSLive! New York, a women and gaming conference in Redmond; Microsoft Research's 15th Anniversary celebration; and more. We've also added a few events where Microsoft is expected to be a no-show (like The Future of Web Apps conference and AjaxWorld).
  • Regarding January 30, 2007: Microsoft is trying to throw cold water on the dates and prices for Vista and Office 2007 that leaked this week to the Web (thanks Microsoft Canada and!) As part of damage control, Amazon spokesman Sean Sundwall – a former Microsoft PR guy – actually went so far as to claim the published prices Amazon listed were based simply on Amazon's best estimates. Good one! We have it on pretty darned good authority that January 30, is, indeed the launch date for the next versions of Windows and Office. (Barring any last-minute showstopping bugs, of course.) We'll see Microsoft can entice Superbowl fans in early February to go for a Media Center PC running Windows Ultimate....
  • Not too many brand-new code names – other than in the Windows Live space – to add to this month's Tracker. But make sure to check out our plethora of new listings for everything from Windows Live 'Agora,' to Windows Live Essentials.

There are lots more additions and changes in both the Calendar and Code Name Tracker. Without

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Chats and Web Casts to Watch

Those tedious online chats and Web casts do contain tasty tidbits and even a lesson or two. There are plenty to choose from (as you can see if you click on our resources links at the bottom of this item).

Here are our recommendations for your viewing pleasure over the next 30 days:

September 01: 2:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">

What's New for Developers in Windows Vista Networking
This is a chat aimed at developers who need to know about changes Microsoft has made to the Vista networking stack. "The chat team attending this talk cover a wide spectrum of networking technologies such as: Winsock, IPv6, new P2P APIs, System.Net, WinINet/WinHttp, Windows Filtering Platform, Http.sys, our new QoS technologies (qWAVE), Winsock Kernel," according to a description on the MSDN Web site.

September 11: 12:30 PM (EST) start time

TechNet Webcast: Group Policy in Windows Vista
Enhanced Group Policy functionality is one of Microsoft's big selling points for businesses the company is hoping to entice to upgrade. "The number of Group Policy settings has increased dramatically from approximately 1,700 in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to approximately 3,000 in Windows Vista and Windows Server code-named 'Longhorn,' Microsoft notes. If you care, you'll care about this Webcast.
September 11: 4:00 PM (EST) start time
MSDN Webcast: Designing Standards-Based Web Sites with Expression Web Designer
If you've heard about Expression Web Designer but haven't yet dipped your toe in the Community Technology Preview (CTP) test waters, this Webcast might be your way to discover the features and functionality that Microsoft is building into this product.

September 13: 2:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank"> Small Business Webcast: Choosing the Right Financial Management Solution for Your Business
There are lots of different (and overlapping) Microsoft Dynamics financial products out there – not to mention a number of offerings from competitors. This Webcast is designed to help current and potential users bring some order to the madness. (And to have the Dynamics brands come out smelling like roses, we're sure.)
September 13: 2:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">TechNet Webcast: Information About Microsoft September Security Bulletins
Straight from the horse's mouth: "On September 12, 2006, Microsoft releases its monthly security bulletins. Join us for a brief overview of the technical details with our focus on addressing your concerns. This webcast is devoted to attendees asking questions about the bulletins and getting answers from our security experts."
September 14: 5:30 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">Network Access Protection in Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn"
If you care about Network Access Protection (NAP) – a k a, quarantining – and how it will figure in Windows Longhorn Server next year, this is your Web chat.
September 19: 12:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">Momentum Webcast: Determining the Value of Software Assurance Renewal for Your Organization
With all the controversy in August around what kind of "reparations," if any, Microsoft would offer to existing Software Assurance users who were burned by the slips in the Office 2007 and Windows Vista delivery timetables, this could be an interesting presentation. This particular Webcast is "designed for growing and mid-sized organizations that have a Microsoft Software Assurance agreement through the Open Business, Open Value, Select, or Enterprise Agreement (EA) programs," according to the Softies. "Find out how your organization can benefit from renewing your Software Assurance agreement with Microsoft, and to learn about the tools and resources that are available to help determine the value of renewing your agreement."
September 19: 4:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">MSDN Webcast: Developing Next-Generation Web Applications Using AJAX and "Atlas"
We're betting Microsoft is going to take the final wraps off its "Atlas" Ajax toolkit in November. If you're a .Net shop interested in Ajax for building Web applications, this Webcast could provide some timely info.
September 20: 2:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">Small Business Webcast: The Benefits of Windows Vista for the Small Business: Security
What's the No. 1 feature that Microsoft will use to tout Vista? Security. This Webcast will run though the variety of security features that Microsoft is baking into the product, ranging from Windows User Account Control to anti-phishing tools built into Windows Internet Explorer 7.0, to Windows Defender.
September 21: 01:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">Preview Windows Vista and see the future of the Business Desktop
Microsoft has yet to make a compelling argument (in our humble opinions) as to why businesses should hasten to upgrade to Vista. This Webcast sounds like it could provide Microsoft's elevator pitch on this very topic.
September 25: 3:00 PM (EST) start time

href="" target="_blank">MSDN Webcast: An Introduction to the XNA Framework
Microsoft is going after existing and newbie game developers in a serious way. In this Webcast, Microsoft will walk all interested parties through its game-development framework and libraries aimed at simplifying game creation for both Windows and the Xbox 360.

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