Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series Challenges Google, Apple

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series Challenges Google, Apple

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Microsoft Pushes Mobile

As shown during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Feb. 15, Microsoft envisions the Windows Phone 7 Series as a total revamping of its mobile franchise, which faces declining market share.

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Start Screen

The Windows Phone 7 Start screen dynamically updates with data from the Web. All Windows Phone 7 Series devices will include three mechanical buttons: Start, Search and Back.

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Windows 7 Hubs

Windows Phone 7 Series features "Hubs" that group together a variety of content. For example, the "People" hub merges your friends data from Outlook, Windows Live and other social-networking services.

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Pictures Hub

The "Pictures" hub syncs with the photos on your PC, and enables users to upload those photos to social networking services. Friends photos are also displayed.

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Office Hub

The "Office" hub allows access to Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote documents, as well as a SharePoint server for better collaboration with colleagues.

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Xbox Live Integration

Microsoft has integrated Xbox Live with its new phone software, allowing gamers to access their Xbox avatar and play games.

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Zune Integration

The Windows Phone 7 Series also integrates Zune software into its platform, providing access to music, videos, podcasts and radio.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Support

Microsoft claims it will still support Windows Mobile 6.5, even after the launch of Windows Phone 7 Series devices.

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Mobile Apps Marketplace

Microsoft also says there will be a mobile applications marketplace for Windows Phone 7 Series devices, similar to the Mobile Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5.

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Upcoming Enterprise Focus

While Microsoft used the rollout at the Mobile World Congress to emphasize the consumer aspects of Windows Phone 7 Series, it will likely highlight the enterprise utility at a future date.

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