Microsofts Presence Server Marches Toward a Mid-March Launch

Now known as MapPoint Location Server, Microsoft's newest server product integrates location data into business and consumer applications.

Microsoft Corp.s presence server—MapPoint Location Server—is looking like it will launch finally at the DevCon show in San Francisco in March.

MapPoint Location Server has undergone at least two name changes in the past year and a half. Last summer, Microsoft rechristened the product, which originally was known as Microsoft Enterprise Location Server (MELS), as Microsoft Location Server (MLS). At that time, Microsoft expanded the beta program for the product and said it would ship by year-end 2003.

It sounds as if Microsoft hasnt changed the feature set of MapPoint Location Server since it was known as Microsoft Location Server.


March 2003: Here Comes Microsoft Enterprise Location Server


May 2003: Here Comes Microsoft Location Server

According to Microsofts updated MapPoint FAQ, "MapPoint Location Server is a component of MapPoint Web Service that allows the integration of real-time location data into business and consumer applications. MapPoint Location Server provides access to location providers such as mobile network operators and acts as a proxy between an application and MapPoint Web Service. For commercial purposes, MapPoint Location Server can only be used with a valid agreement for MapPoint Web Service."


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