More Virulent Smartphone Malware on the Horizon

Third-party applications and app stores are all the range for smartphones from iPhone to Blackberry to Google's Android these days, but Kaspersky Lab chief Eugene Kaspersky warns that a new generation of malware writers will be targeting those apps. Watch out for the worms and viruses coming to a smartphone near you.

More virulent, stealthy and voluminous malware for smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, BlackBerrys, Google Android and devices running the Microsoft Mobile is coming as these platforms become more open to application developers, says Eugene Kaspersky, the chief executive and founder of anti-virus vendor Kaspersky Lab.

In a meeting at the RSA Conference, Kaspersky says that malware targeting smartphones isn't a serious problem now, mostly because the platforms are closed and complicated and the devices lack the processing power to support both legitimate applications and malicious code. But, when devices become more powerful and more applications are added, he says it's a near certainty that smartphone malware will explode.

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