Motorola Admiral Android Smartphone

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Motorola Admiral Android Smartphone

This Motorola Android 2.3 phone on Sprint's network features push-to-talk features for first responders, along with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass. The phone can withstand dust, shock and solar radiation.

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Xplore Xtreme Tablet

Announced in May, the line of Xplore Xtreme Tablets can withstand abuse, whether it's being left in a fish tank or slammed to the ground in a warehouse or at a construction site. Ideal for the scene of an emergency or disaster, the Xtreme Tablets can survive exposure to water, ice, blood, oil and other liquids. Plus, tool-less access to SIM and microSD ports allow for first responders or soldiers in the field to make repairs to the device on the go.

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Sonim XP3300 Force Phone

The XP3300 Force features its XPand NFC modular expansion pack. Near field communication (NFC) capabilities allow health care workers to identify patients, while employees in the shipping, security and transportation industries can track items. In addition, Sonim claims to have the longest talk time at 20 to 24 hours and standby time at 800 hours of any mobile phone. The XP3300 can survive a drop to concrete or submersion in water, and like the Motorola Admiral Android, it incorporates Corning Gorilla Glass.

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Casio GzOne Commando

Casio's G'zOne Commando phone comes with G'zGear software to allow workers to navigate outdoor environments, and its Triple Sensor technology can track direction, acceleration and temperature. It also features bumpers on its edges to survive drops and Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) encrypts data and remotely wipes information.

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Panasonic Toughbook H2

Panasonic's Toughbook H2 tablet features a bar-code reader to scan medication bottles or patient bracelets in a hospital or merchandise in a storeroom. The Toughbook's TransflectivePlus reflects sunlight and acts as a backlight for outdoor workers on the 10.1-inch display.

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Dell Latitude E6420 XFR

Designed for military personnel and public safety workers, the Latitude E6420 XFR has a Ballistic Armor exterior, which protects against corrosion, drops, spills and extreme temperatures. Dell Mobile Video Evidence Management allows public safety workers to capture and store mobile video at the scene of an emergency, and Mobile Digital Forensics allows police officers to store and secure forensic evidence.

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Motion Computing CL900 SlateMate Tablet

Motion's CL900 tablet now incorporates SlateMate, which comprises a bar-code scanner and MagTek magnetic stripe reader. SlateMate can handle credit-card transactions in health care, retail and shipping. In addition, doctors can access patients' electronic medical records on the tablet by scanning their bracelets.

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Samsung Convoy 2

Like the Motorola Admiral Android model, the Samsung Convoy 2 phone offers push-to-talk capabilities for first responders and the military. The Convoy 2 can withstand salt, fog, sand and dust. Noise-cancellation technology allows first responders to communicate with their teams without the noise on the scene.

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General Dynamics Itronix GD3015

General Dynamic Itronix sees a large market for semi-rugged tablets like the GD3015. In addition to a lighter weight, semi-rugged devices are cheaper, said Doug Petteway, the company's vice president of marketing for rugged computing solutions. Emergency medical technicians can use the 3G and wireless LAN connectivity to transmit vital health data such as temperature and blood pressure to a doctor or hospital before the patient arrives. Meanwhile, shipping workers at loading docks can use RFID to scan packages.

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Panasonic Toughbook 53

This semi-rugged Toughbook offers a spill-resistant keyboard and can survive 30-inch drops on six faces. The sunlight-viewable Panasonic CircuLumin touchscreen with a circular polarizer is optional. The Toughbook 53 was also the first in its line to offer 4G LTE mobile broadband.

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Intermec CN70 Rugged Mobile Computer

Intermec's handheld CN70 devices are functional smartphones that resemble RIM BlackBerrys. The CN70e features a larger keypad (and additional function keys) for workers who may be wearing gloves. Hospital staff can use these mobile computers to scan patient charts and medication and capture data from electronic health records (EHRs).

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