NaviNet SAAS Apps Unify EMR and Physician Practice Management

Medical communications provider NaviNet rolls out EMR and practice management SAAS apps at the MGMA 2010 conference in New Orleans.

Health care communications software company NaviNet has introduced two products it says will provide a unified workflow for health care payers and providers.

Two SAAS (software as a service) applications, NaviNet EMR (electronic medical record) and NaviNet PM (practice management), will communicate with NaviNet's flagship product, NaviNet Insurer Connect, a multipayer Web portal.

Both NaviNet EMR and PM will be available in the first quarter of 2011.

NaviNet introduced NaviNet EMR and PM at the MGMA 2010 conference on Oct. 25 in New Orleans.

The introduction of these two new SAAS products marks NaviNet's expansion from a platform that allows for communication between payers and providers only to one that also enables interaction between providers and patients, Kim Labow, NaviNet's chief marketing officer, told eWEEK.

"We've traditionally been known more in the marketplace for mastering the administrative and financial transactions and interactions that providers have with their health plans-and a little bit into the clinical," Labow said. "We haven't been known to date to be a leader on the clinical side, so this is really exciting for us to take a step into that world."

Still, Labow acknowledged that the EMR space is crowded, but she's hopeful for success due to the brand recognition of NaviNet. In the United States, 70 percent of physicians are enrolled in NaviNet's messaging network, the company reports.

"It really is about bringing this information to the forefront and integrating it into the practice's existing workflow in a really meaningful way," Chris Buckwell, NaviNet's director of product management, told eWEEK.

NaviNet EMR and NaviNet PM, combined with Insurer Connect, will provide a unified interface that combines administrative, financial and clinical workflows through a single, secure Web portal.

The company calls the combination of all three products a unified patient information management system, or UPIM. It provides one log-in to the EMR, PM, revenue cycle management, and patient and payer portals and takes the provider from beginning to end of a patient event.

NaviNet's EMR and PM apps incorporate technology from health care technology company CureMD and clinical communication network RelayHealth.

If during the workflow the software shows a gap in care, the RelayHealth component would communicate this information to the patient, Labow explained.

The products will help medical offices lower operating cost, reduce medical errors and increase efficiency while boosting patient care, according to NaviNet.

Providers will be able to manage tasks such as patient scheduling, billing, benefits eligibility and clinical decision support from a single interface.

The PM product offers features such as scheduling, referral management and patient statement cycling. Physician practices will be able to see in one Web portal a patient's history with other practices or if a patient's copay has increased.

On Sept. 17 NaviNet also announced an agreement to incorporate its multipayer info in Prematics' mobile clinical application.