New Oracle Health Care Platform Provides Unified View of Drug Trial Data

Oracle has unveiled its Health Sciences Trial Center application to provide a single real-time view of multiple clinical trials in the cloud.

Oracle has rolled out a new cloud platform that will provide a unified view of multiple trials being conducted across drug research and development trial systems.

Health Sciences Trial Center, announced on June 20, provides a single console to allow study managers to maximize their productivity, Oracle reports. The researchers will also be able to strengthen their collaboration among sponsors, sites and partners with this common view of trial progress.

With a single view of drug trial information, data managers will be able to detect discrepancies among trials and reduce time spent on duplicate tasks, according to the company.

"Life sciences organizations and their CRO [contract research organization] partners are focused squarely on reducing costs, improving clinical trial efficiency and accelerating insight," Neil de Crescenzo, vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences, said in a statement. "However, the complexity of the networks, relationships and systems required to execute trials has made those efforts more difficult than ever," de Crescenzo added.

Trial Center is a "game changer" because of its ability to provide a personalized view of trial priorities and daily tasks, according to de Crescenzo.

Researchers often get confused when they have to open multiple studies at the same time, Paul Boyd, senior manager of software development for Oracle's Health Sciences business, said in a company video.

"Trial Center removes this confusion by providing a single console for users to access real-time trial progress summaries and prioritize their tasks without opening multiple studies and opening multiple applications," Boyd said.

Instead, the software allows users to focus on specific tasks and resolve issues within those tasks by drawing on the unified view of data, he explained.

Researchers can search aggregated data by company, therapeutic area, study, site or region to get contextual summaries of their work. They can then drill down to specific studies within the database for more information.

The company's Health Sciences Cloud platform will power the Trial Center application. Health Sciences Cloud is a HIPAA-certified infrastructure that allows health care researchers to deploy scalable applications in the cloud that are secure and cost-effective, Oracle reports. It allows health care organizations to securely manage data across life science companies, contract research organizations, academic medical centers and regulators and outsourced vendors.

Oracle will integrate Trial Center with Health Sciences InForm Global Trial Management 5.5, which the company announced on June 8. InForm GTM allows researchers to enter, capture and clean data as well as conduct queries. InForm GTM also includes reporting and analysis capabilities in real time.

InForm GTM's Data Viewer feature is an interface that includes a view of the sponsor's role in clinical drug trials with real-time data listings and advanced filtering.

"With its emphasis on optimizing support for sponsor roles, this solution equips life sciences organizations and CROs with advanced tools that enable greater control and yield expanded insight, while enabling productivity gains that can reduce the costs and time associated with trial management," de Crescenzo said.

In InForm GTM, users can filter data to include information on subjects, visits and sites. The application also enables remote data monitoring. Other features in InForm GTM include bulk query creation, source verification as well as freeze and lock capabilities.