New PlayStation 3 Tech Demos

eWEEKend: Check out the tech demos of upcoming PlayStation 3 games from the floor of the Sony Game Developers Conference.

Sony dedicated much of its Game Developers Conference booth to showing off technology demos for its upcoming PS3 console.

Some had been shown before (at last years E3), but this was the first time that these tech demos were live on a trade show floor and available for attendees to actually manipulate them.

Duck Demo: Although Phil Harrisons favorite tech demo was previously shown at E3 last year, this was the first time Sony had it on display for people to actually test out and control. If youve not yet tired of seeing virtual ducks, boy are you in for a treat with this new footage.

Unreal Engine 3: This was also the first time that people could get their hands on and control the demo of the Unreal Engine 3 tech running on PS3.

Although this was just a tech demo and not a game, we did play around with it quite a bit, shooting objects and testing out some of the ragdoll physics. It offered perhaps a brief taste of what to expect when Unreal Tournament 2007 hits the PS3 next year.

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