New RNA Consortium Online

Ribonucleic acids, a fundamental building block of cells, have become the focus of increasingly intense study. The RNA Ontology Consortium has recently been developed to help co-ordinate and share research via the Web.

Research into ribonucleic acids (RNA), which transmits genetic information from DNA to proteins produced by the cell, is exploding as scientists worldwide discover the roles of RNA in genetics, health, disease and the development of organisms.

The rapidly growing body of knowledge has created the need for researchers to develop a shared vocabulary and system for describing, cataloging and comparing their findings.

An international team of RNA scientists, known as the RNA Ontology Consortium, has now been formed to do just that. The consortiums work will be accessible on the Web to the various RNA research communities using servers hosted at Bowling Green State University.

Read the full story about the RNA Ontology Consortium and its research which is to be available online at the Bowling Green State University site