Novell Enhances Portal Searches

Novell has added Alta Vista search capabilities available in its portal through Service Pack 2 for Novell Portal Services.

Novell Corp. on Thursday announced the availability of Service Pack 2 for Novell Portal Services 1.0, with the chief new feature being the addition of AltaVista Co.s search engine.

The AltaVista software works in tandem with the Novell eDirectory to provide secure search capabilities based on users business context giving portal users access to the combined information resources of the Internet and corporate intranet, Novell officials said. Business context can include such elements as roles, locations, business hierarchy, workgroups and cost codes.

Since its directory-enabled, AltaVista Search can associate indexes of internal and external Web sites and documents to users based on their business context. Access to sensitive documents can be restricted by the business context and identity stored for each user in the directory.

AltaVista Search provides search technologies that offer categorization across more than 225 file formats, structured and unstructured data. More than 30 languages are supported, including double-byte languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Novell Portal Services 1.0 Service Pack 2 is available for free download at