Office 12 preview

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Office 12 preview

The spelling/grammar checker in Word 12 beta 1 is hidden on the Review tab beneath a button on the ribbon bar. Surely, there must be a way to make the spelling checker easier to find.

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Office 12 preview - Word 12 Live Preview

Live Preview allows users to see what a formatting change will do to selected text by rolling the cursor over the format to be previewed, in this case showing what happens when Normal text is shown formatted as Heading 3.

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Office 12 preview - Word 12 Document Themes

Document themes make it easy to change a variety of formatting elements, such as fonts and colors, at once. Unfortunately, the changes dont appear as Live Preview elements.

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Office 12 preview - Outlook 12 Task Pane

Outlooks new Task Pane, shown at far right, gives users a view of a few calendar entries as well as current to-dos. This screen shot was taken on a Dell laptop. It would look better on a larger screen, I think.

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