Office 2007 SP2's Full ODF Support Checks Out Well in Labs' Tests

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Office 2007 SP2's Full ODF Support Checks Out Well in Labs' Tests

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Microsoft Update

With the Microsoft Update option enabled, Windows Update offered to upgrade my Office 2007 installation to SP2.

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Tipping the Scales

On another system, I downloaded the service pack, which weighed in at a considerable 290MB, from Microsoft's site.

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Clicking Through the Upgrade

The SP2 install process was pretty standard, with a series of clicks, followed by Windows' requisite reboot step.

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SP2 in the House

It took me a little while to find Office 2007's "about" dialog, but once I did, I could confirm that SP2 was installed.

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ODF 1.1 Support

Office 2007 adds support for ODF Version 1.1, but 3.0 and later default to ODF 1.2. In my initial tests with files saved in both versions, however, I didn't experience any miscues.

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ODF Support in Word 2007

I started out opening a simple ODF text document in Word, and the document rendered well.

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Familiar Formatting Issues

I turned next to a more complex document, and found that Word (on the left, below) added an errant page break—I've seen just this sort of formatting issue when opening certain Office documents in

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Office 2007 as ODF Converter

I wanted to test how well Office 2007 converted its own native documents to ODF files. Below is a Word 2007 DOCX file that I opened in Notice the misplaced image.

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Save in ODF Format

I opened the same DOCX file in Word 2007 and saved it in ODF format from the standard Office save menu.

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Are You Sure?

Word gave me a typical warning about the possibility of losing certain document features by saving in ODF format.

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Word 2007 Can Be OpenOffice.orgs Pal

After saving the DOCX file in ODF format in Word 2007, I opened it again in I found that my image placement issues were largely abated.

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Some Image Issues Remained

My DOCX-to-ODT conversion wasn't perfect—I still had a few misplaced images.

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Nobodys Perfect

With that said, I found small image placement issues when opening that same DOCX file with Word 2007.

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ODF as Default

In Word 2007, I could opt to save all my text documents in ODF format moving forward.

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Fun with Feature Incompatibility

Excel 2007 can handle spreadsheets of up to a million rows, while Calc tops out at 64,000 rows. I wondered what would happen with a million-row ODF spreadsheet.

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Save as ODS

As with Word 2007, I could save my million-row spreadsheet to the ODS format using the regular save menu.

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Not surprisingly, Calc crashed when I tried to open the too-large spreadsheet file. It still worked fine with Excel 2007, however.

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Save as PDF

Office 2007 now supports publishing documents to PDF format—something that required a separate download pre-SP2.

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Yes, Its a PDF

I opened the document I'd published in PDF format, and all of the formatting in the original document appeared to carry over properly.