On-Demand Indexing for Google Site Search

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On-Demand Indexing for Google Site Search

On-Demand Indexing for Google Site Searchby Clint Boulton

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Google Site Search

Google Site Search lets businesses customize their search requirements to fit their Web site needs.

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On-Demand Indexing Interface

A new feature in Google Site Search boosts the speed at which Web sites update.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Site Search

Adobe used On-Demand Indexing to index thousands of new pages within hours.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Community Help Search Results

Results are pushed out quickly thanks to On-Demand Indexing.

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Adobe Flash Site Search

Adobe also uses On-Demand Indexing for its Flash content.

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Adobe Flash Community Help Search Results

Adobe Community Help is accessible from the Web and from within Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications. It delivers relevant information from community sites online, as indexed by Google Site Search.

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Con Edison Uses Google Site Search

Major electric company Consolidated Edison uses Google Site Search; note the subsecond response time enabled by On-Demand Indexing.

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