Optimal Solutions Integration Unveils Subscription SAP Business All-In-One Solution

SAP partner Optimal Solutions Integration's new FlexChoice Advantage program allows customers the ultimate flexibility not just in how to deploy SAP Business All-In-One, but also how they pay for it.

It's been more than 10 years since the first ERP boom swept through corporate America, changing the face of IT departments large and small. With that reflection comes a scary realization for many companies-regardless of current economic conditions, it's time to upgrade or replace aging ERP systems.
"Many companies are still limping along on outdated legacy systems rolled out over 10 years ago," says Sam Sliman, president of Optimal Solutions Integration, an SAP-exclusive partner. "We were telling customers back then that these ERP solutions had a 10- to 15-year lifecycle, and we're rapidly approaching the end of that cycle."
The problem, Sliman says, is that budget cuts and uncertainty about long-term economic prospects have left many organizations hesitant to invest in new or upgraded solutions, especially among midmarket customers.

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