PentaSuite 7.0 Manages Files

Windows users seeking a comprehensive desktop file management utility should consider PentaWare's PentaSuite 7.0.

Windows users seeking a comprehensive desktop file management utility should consider PentaWares PentaSuite 7.0.

Available now and priced at $99.95, PentaSuite 7.0 is more expensive than other stand-alone file utilities, but it provides more tools for managing file archives on Windows PCs. New users can try PentaSuite for free for 30 days.

PentaSuite is built around the PentaZip file-compression tool, which supports a range of file-compression formats and encryption algorithms. PentaZip integrates with e-mail and anti-virus programs so that users can e-mail or scan compressed files on the fly.

PentaSuite includes a CD/DVD creation tool, an FTP client and a file browser. PentaDVD and PentaBrowser make creating personal movie or picture archives easy. PentaDVD supports all major CD/DVD recording formats, and PentaBrowser allows users to view images from digital cameras in their native formats.

PentaSuite uses a subset of PGP file encryption to protect archives, so users need not have the desktop version of PGP installed. PentaSuite can interface with PGP Desktop Version 7 or 8.

PentaSuite supports a range of encryption algorithms—including AES, Blowfish, DES/3DES, Mars and Serpent—for secure file compression or sending encrypted files via e-mail or FTP.

In tests, I installed PentaSuite on a Microsoft Windows XP Professional desktop. The installation warned that PentaSuite might not work correctly if other Zip utilities are installed on the system, but it worked fine on my test network with other Zip utilities installed. PentaSuite has a central user interface, so I could find all the applications in one place.

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