Probing the Minds of Online Customers

Anyone interested in learning about online shopping trends or customer psychology should read "Customer-Centered Design," by Kreta Chandler and Karen Hyatt.

"Customer-Centered Design" by Kreta Chandler and Karen Hyatt, will give readers a firm understanding of what online customers are looking for, the patterns that they use to shop and how to market to those customers to ensure that your online store meets or exceeds customer expectations. The methodologies used in this book apply to brick & mortar stores as well as online stores.

The content is well organized, easily readable and not filled with confusing jargon. It devotes a sizable amount of space to examining trends in regard to customers. The book also uses screen shots, charts and diagrams and examines studies of shopping habits and behaviors.

"Customer-Centered Design" is as much a how-to book as it is a book on customer psychology. It discusses how to create, manage and present your online store as well as how to promote it. The book also describes "e-tools of the trade" such as shopping carts and search boxes and discusses catalogue marketing.

From the online customer psychology viewpoint, the book discusses how to market products effectively; use colors, textures, light and sound; be aware of natural customer shopping patterns; react to demographics (such as customer age and gender), and be conscious of psychographics (such as customer religious beliefs and perceptions).

This is the most insightful book about e-commerce I have ever read. "Customer-Centered Design" is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning about shopping habits or customer psychology, especially in the technology and Internet world. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is developing or has an online store.

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  • Title: Customer-Centered Design
  • Author: Kreta Chandler and Karen Hyatt
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Length: 290 pages;
  • Price: $ 39.99