Problems Plague Windows Live Spaces

Microsoft Windows Live Spaces users are up in arms over poor performance, HTML rendering problems and other difficulties they have encountered since Microsoft rolled out the latest iteration of the platform. (Microsoft Watch)

Microsofts Aug. 1 launch of its Windows Live Spaces blogging/social-networking platform has not been a smooth one.

Customers of Microsofts successor to MSN Spaces are reporting a variety of performance, publishing, rendering and browser-compatibility issues since Microsoft rolled out the final version of Windows Live Spaces on Aug. 1.

Windows Live Spaces Program Manager Greg Phipps acknowledged on the Space Craft Live Spaces blog that the Spaces team "disappointed a bunch of you with the issues we had in our rollout last night."

Phipps noted that in the first 12 hours that the new platform went live, poor Spaces performance was the order of the day.

"We had a bunch of people working hard and late last night to address these issues that did not show up in any of our test environments," Phipps blogged on Aug. 2. "We planned long and hard for this release and unfortunately it was one of those gotchas that only showed up once we were in production."

Microsoft officials did not respond to additional questions about problems with the Spaces platform by the time this article was published.

Performance wasnt the only gripe Windows Live Spaces users aired. Users flooded the Space Craft Live Spaces blog with reports of stats pages not working, legacy emoticons not rendering correctly, e-mail publishing problems and Firefox browser compatibility issues.

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