Readers Respond: A Clouded Vista

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "A Clouded Vista."

There comes a time when the level of complexity of any product, project or process reaches a point where it exceeds any reasonable ability to effectively manage it, regardless of the capabilities, knowledge, tools and intelligence of those individuals or groups responsible for doing so (Our View, "A Clouded Vista," May 29).

Perhaps Microsoft is finding this to be the case, not only with Windows but with the organization itself.

The question, then, no longer is "What can Microsoft do to better manage the process?" but "What can be shed to reduce the complexity to a realistically manageable level?"

For all the discussion about what Microsofts incorporation of products and processes into its operating system is doing to others, there is a surprising lack of comment about what this is doing to Microsoft and its operating system.

Marc Thornsbury

I think the security changes to Vista are required, but so many of the needed features have been dropped and replaced by a "cute" desktop that I am just not sure what the fuss is about with Vista anymore. Microsoft has gotten so large and bloated that the parts that can make a difference are held back by the parts that are stuck supporting an application/operating system that is still stuck in the past.

Norm Ennis