Readers Respond: Microsoft Needs to Overhaul Prerelease Cycle

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Microsoft Needs to Overhaul Prerelease Cycle."

Regarding "Microsoft Needs to Overhaul Prerelease Cycle," Aug. 8) Ive always thought an annual release with one or two new features priced at about $25 would make upgrading a lot simpler. If you skipped a year, the upgrade price would be $50, but you would still get the features you missed in the year you didnt upgrade.

This would allow Microsoft to focus on features it could implement in the short term and continue to work on the more complicated features for a subsequent release.

It would also allow the company to stagger the release of major features instead of lumping them all into one "kitchen sink" release.

And whenever end users decided to upgrade, they would get a product released within the last year and not four to five years ago.

Tim Willingham
AmSouth Bank