Readers Respond: Microsoft vs. the EU

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Microsoft vs. the EU."

Jason Brooks hit the nail on the head when he took Microsoft to task for not complying with the European Unions complaint about lack of cooperation (Our View, "Microsoft vs. the EU," March 27). Unfortunately, he stopped short of carrying the story to its conclusion.

While the lack of cooperation by Microsoft is well-chronicled, the companys continued "bundling" of other software in Windows is far more insidious and far less reported.

Instead of marketing software as separate entities and competing in the marketplace on the merits of the offering, Microsoft has chosen to "bundle" such items in Windows, thereby denying the end user the option of choosing what is best for his or her situation.

This is precisely what the Department of Justice suit was all about, and, from my perspective, Microsoft has thumbed its nose at the settlement agreement and has continued the illegal practice unabated.

The sad part is that Microsoft is getting away with it. Apparently, the previous actions were a "look good, feel good" effort, but there was no real intent to correct the [assault] of the free enterprise system.

I tip my hat to the EU for taking real action against Microsoft. When the DOJ follows up on its (apparently empty) threat, I will commend it, but Im afraid that may be a long time in coming—if ever.

Gene Schneider
Gemini Information Systems
Dardenne Prairie, Mo.