Readers Respond: Vistas Make or Break Moment

Readers respond to the eWEEK article, "Vista's Make or Break Moment."

Your May 22 story "Vistas Make or Break Moment" left no doubt in my mind—Windows XP will be around for a long time.

Too many companies like ours are fully loaded with computers having 512MB to 1GB of RAM and "standard graphics" to worry much about "needing" 2GB of RAM to operate at a functional level. And that 2GB limit gives me chills—shades of the 640K limit of yore.

Our applications are quite demanding of RAM. If the operating system wants all the system can support just to get started, that seems an untenable position to me.

In 23 years of PC use, I have learned to never say "never," but until those memory issues are addressed, Im thinking XP is looking pretty good.

David McGlasson
Provost & Pritchard Engineering Group
Fresno, Calif.

This is in response to a letter from reader David McGlasson (Reader Mail, "Readers Respond to Vistas Make or Break Moment: Vista Makes XP Look Good," June 5): Since when has a huge installed user base stopped Redmonds relentless feature bloat? In two years, [Windows XP shops] will be running an unsupported operating system.

John T. Heizer
Haddonfield, N.J.