Resellers to Get Economic Stimulus Package Grant Funding Help

The economic stimulus package -- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- earmarks up to $80 billion in IT spending for healthcare, government, education, infrastructure and other IT projects. But how can you get your IT project funded? Distributor Ingram Micro is partnering with The Grants Office to help.

Looking for advice on how to tap into the grant money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the Obama administration's economic stimulus package?
Ingram Micro has expanded its partnership with The Grants Office, a company that specializes in identifying grants and creating grant submissions, in an effort to help resellers and solution providers get a piece of the stimulus pie.
The stimulus package calls for anywhere from $60 billion to $80 billion of IT spend, according to Bob Laclede, vice president of business development at Ingram Micro U.S.
"Sixty percent of those IT stimulus dollars are through line item budgets, and 40 percent are through the grants process," Laclede says. In the grants process, federal agencies-Health and Human Services, for example-set up rules for how grant money will be awarded. Then those who are eligible apply for the grants.

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