Review: Sega Sonic Wild Fire

At the E3 conference, Sega rolls out Wild Fire, Sonic's latest spin. This time he's taking it on the Nintendo Wii and this time, the game provides the most unique Sonic experience via full tilt control.

Wild Fire is Sonics latest spin, and hes taking it on the Nintendo Wii. It differs from its Xbox 360/PS3 brothers by providing the most unique Sonic experience with full tilt control.

Also, after listening to fans complain about Big the Cat and Knuckles for years, the team at Sega have decided to make Wild Fire consist entirely of fast running Sonic levels with no collecting, shooting, and best of all, no car driving (or shooting while driving a car!).

Playing more akin to the original Genesis titles, Wild Fire is a fast paced, keep-holding-forward (well in this case, keep-tilting-forward), Sonic game with occasional jumps and left and right sliding to avoid obstacles in the way.

Whats new for E3: The controls are definitely a first for the series, both in that theyre based around tilt movements to propel Sonic around and in that they require players to hold down and release the A button in order to jump rather than press it.

There seems to have been reasoning behind changing the jump formula, but at this point it wasnt clear why they made the change.

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